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Launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this past February, Swedish company Bolon‘s new Botanic woven vinyl flooring collection has my nesting knickers in an excited knot.

Marketed as a revolutionary environmental breakthrough, it’s made with a plant based plasticiser instead of using the industry standard of phthalates (Diisodecyl-phthalate (DIDP) and Diisononyl-phthalate (DINP)), which have potentially devestating adverse affects on the environment and on us.  Most building materials involve some kind of sticky eco business, whether it’s the adhesive used or the harvesting practices,  and there are so many factors to consider; durability, longevity, sensitivity, sustainability, etc…, so it’s really a matter of doing the best we can.  (A mud or underground hut with no electricity or utilities of any kind would be the best of course, but.. tough to pull off in the Northern climates…)   Barring everyone moving underground, I give Bolon an ‘A’ for effort and a high five for color choices and delicious textures!

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Super(S)mart imPOSTER

My friend Nadia sent me this picture she took in San Francisco a few days ago.  I think it’s perfectly reasonable to work at having a healthy mix of both these things for some of that ‘get #**@ done’ attitude that makes the big dreams happen.

My industrial ceramics teacher at Parsons loved it when we tried things that were to his experienced mind, clearly not going to work.  He said that ‘knowing better’ can be a hinderance to discovery, discoveries that did occasionally turn up in our classroom thanks to the support he offered our stupidity…

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My friend Tara has a fiance.  Her fiance has a tumblr page.  The tumblr page has triangle trees at the top and lovely things the rest of the way down.  I have a big hug for this man when I finally get to meet him.  This man is lucky.  My friend Tara is awesome.

{fiance = Justin Van Laeken’s ‘dirty sleeves’ header}

{Gaël Odilon Paccard, 2006 – Billboard}

*Note: I’ve learned that trying to find the original source of a tumblr image is tricky.  If anyone knows the name of the artist & photographer that did the top and bottom image, please let me know so I can credit them.  Thanks!

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{ Nevis }

Happy FONTastic Friday y’all. These two font finds come from Prisma Graphic Blog. They are free and they are fine. Go get ’em by clicking here.

{ Sketchetik }

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If you’re smart, and I know you are cause you read my blog, click on the video link below to see how dreaming big is done.

Awesome Book Tour from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.

I think this man and what he’s doing is awesome.

See more of his amazing project by clicking here.

p.s. My dear friend Ryan sent me this book for my birthday last year.  Thanks again Ryan!

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I just received a copy of the beautiful Ukrainian interior design magazine DOM.  They featured my North American Wild Life series in a story about planters.  At least that’s what I think it’s about based on the pictures.  My Ukrainian is quite a bit far less than rusty.  What a gorgeous publication!  There’s some seriously good work in there and I’m honored to be included!  A big thanks to my new friend in Kiev, dom’s art director Vadim Siversky, for sending me a copy!

{ * Vadim assured me that this says something nice… : )  }

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{ Beautiful 24×36. It says, “you are beautiful”.  Look hard, it really does. }

Lovers of yellow and good design get a whole basket full of goodness with this beauty.  Check out more from illustrator Ryan Feerer & Citizen Scholar Inc. by clicking here!

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