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I am waiting to board my plane to Australia for the State of Design show. I will try and do a few posts while I’m gone (I might not try THAT hard…) but will definitely have loads of new material to share when I get back! See you soon.

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call to arms

These mounted elkhorn & staghorn ferns by California based artists Sean and Stacy Kelley, a call to arms, are the coolest version of trophy style I’ve seen.  In Sean’s own words, this is what the project is all about:

“this set of mounted staghorn and elkhorn ferns is a collaborative project with stacy kelley. each trophy-plant is made from spliced scrap-walnut, laser etched with the word victoire, french for victory. when hunting for sport first became a widespread past time for the aristocracy in europe, its protocol was conceived and transcribed by the french.

these trophy-plants offer a new interpretation that celebrates the symbiotic. the victoryis mutual, the trophy is living and growing, and the disconnection between humans and nature is revealed as a societal facade.”

call to arms 5 frontcall to arms super sidecall to arms one frontcall to arms sean

I LIKE! I WANT! Like 100 of them…  sigh. So lovely.

To visit Sean’s website and see what else he gets up to, click here.

woodworking by miki iwasaki

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Happy Wednesday!  Today, I am in a rush to get up to my studio and am therefore going to lean on my favorite go-to graphic gurus, grain edit, for the book pic of the week.  Second Homes For Leisure Living presented by the Douglas Fir Plywood Association is a booklet that I sadly don’t own and deeply covet.  It is going to get added to my hunter’s list for sure.  Just as many details from these awesome Mid Century (re)treats are going on my dream house list (like the deer for instance…).     


I’m afraid I have to be super lazy today and just post pictures.  (This will not become a habit I promise!) For all the publisher, architect, & illustrator info, please head over to grain edit’s post.  While you’re there look around awhile.  I guarantee you’ll like what you see!  Dave Cuzner runs a tight ship loaded up with oodles of loveliness.  (He is going to be sharing a bit of himself with us soon for my ‘Meet the Maker’ interview series. Can’t wait!) 


via grain edit

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