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Colour me Friday!

{from Faye + Co – check it!}

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All the cowboy action of yesterday’s post got me jonesing for some Bob.  What a sweet ‘n slow number this is.  And the outfits!  I love everything about this.   Excuse me, I have to go sway around the room a little…

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David Rathman, That’s as fair as I know how to make it., 2002; print, collection Matt Rainwaters, Austin

I love me a good cowboy.

And I found lots of them by the talented David Rathman thanks to my magical graphical guy Cody Haltom and his studio collective Public School‘s blog.  

I have Western blood & country bones care of Alberta, Bob Wills, & John Wayne.  (You may not have known this about me since I keep all that stuff on the inside of my skin…)  And no matter how much almond butter I eat or Prince I listen to, that will never change. (not that I’m busy asking it to)

These are just gorgeous.  And don’t even get me started on his muscle car series…  

David Rathman, Funny how time slips away; ink on paper

David Rathman, Mute, 2003; ink on paper; 30 x 38

To see more of David’s work, visit the Mary Goldman Gallery.

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Oh my stars, have I had my lazy blogging pants on again or what?  Sorry.  I’ve been busy with other stuff and have been neglectful.   The next few weeks are going to be spotty as I get closer and closer to several converging project deadlines (that I’ll be able to share with you guys soonish), but I’ll do the best I can to keep bringing the goods.  And just to put the cherry on top of my laziness sunday… I forgot to save the link for this image.  So there.  (The folk(s) who did this piece on the other hand, not lazy…)

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This is really a part II to my AUDIO post from last week.   Aidan Knight and Dan Mangan both gave me an earful that night.  

I love live music.  Even when it’s not great music, live I can still love it.  Thankfully in this case, it wasn’t just great, it was good too. Dan’s intense amount of time spent on the road has honed his stage presence to a point of comfort that let us all relax and just listen. (There’s nothing worse than an awkward performer, even if they are mind blowingly talented. It’s hard to completely enjoy a show while you’re feeling bad for them…)  

Dan is a pro.  His music is well written, his delivery is powerful, and anyone who moves around the room, standing on tables while playing, is someone worth seeing.  And the talents of his supporting musicians filled in all the right spaces around him, building up a memorable music experience. If you get the chance to see him, don’t be a fool, go.

To hear/see more, or to buy his music, visit his website by clicking here.

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{ Roman Extended + Roman Condensed }

These are the kinds of books I dream of finding when I go hunting at my local thrift shops.  So much fontal chubbiness & elegance.  Not being a graphic designer I wouldn’t even make proper use of them, I would just hoard & oogle.

But in my defence, there is something about old books that just makes one feel so connected to the past.  (I love this until it comes time to move and I learn how heavy the past is…)  The magic computer box is amazing and full of more content than any one library could hold (AND is so easy to carry), but no matter how hard I try to connect with it, it will never do the same thing for me that a good old book does. (maybe I could invent ‘old book smell’ for computers… or just maybe not)

{ Kabel + Gothic }

{ Gothic Treble Extra Condensed + Gothic Back Slope/Round }

To see more great photos from this album, click here.

via The Silver Lining

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Happy Friday morning everyone!  

I know I’m challenging the old saying, “you can’t have too much of a good thing” with this one since I JUST posted several pictures of my true love…  but honestly, this is the kind of heart stopping trifectah that I search the (interweb) world over for.   And Selleck Waterfall Sandwich has dished it up not even knowing how it would answer all my hearts desires!  We have the dreamy Tom Selleck paired with the Frank Lloyd Wright house design classic, Fallingwater, and a good sandwich.  I shake my head at the amount of marvel.

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This is just a little tidbit from Stockholm Design Week that I found over at the delicious Emmas.blogg.  Um, love.

To see more work by the inspired Chen Karlsson company, click here.

via emmas designblogg

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The above two photos were taken of the 1962(?) graduating class at Twickenham Art School by Colin Fulcher (AKA Barney Bubbles – a radical English graphic artist). This would have the been the year after the main character of ‘An Education‘ (2009) left the same school in pretend movie land (below).  I LOVE this era of style and will be adding this movie to my weekend itinerary for sure.  (Hoping of course to find a good story as well as good sets & outfits!)

First two photos via David Wills Tells Tales

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I can’t believe it’s FONTastic Friday again already!  Time was especially sneaky this week…  Today’s specimen comes to you from freelance designer and Art Director of BPM magazine, Jason Adam.  Check out his other work by clicking here.

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