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{ Nevis }

Happy FONTastic Friday y’all. These two font finds come from Prisma Graphic Blog. They are free and they are fine. Go get ’em by clicking here.

{ Sketchetik }

via Prisma Graphic blog

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FONTastic!: official Elvis

This is one of the best/funniest bits of graphic design I’ve ever seen.  This is apparently the real deal people.  King-like bold, but not king-like fancy.  Gotta respect the simple when it could have been all bedazzled a la his suits… 

via tandemonium

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{ Roman Extended + Roman Condensed }

These are the kinds of books I dream of finding when I go hunting at my local thrift shops.  So much fontal chubbiness & elegance.  Not being a graphic designer I wouldn’t even make proper use of them, I would just hoard & oogle.

But in my defence, there is something about old books that just makes one feel so connected to the past.  (I love this until it comes time to move and I learn how heavy the past is…)  The magic computer box is amazing and full of more content than any one library could hold (AND is so easy to carry), but no matter how hard I try to connect with it, it will never do the same thing for me that a good old book does. (maybe I could invent ‘old book smell’ for computers… or just maybe not)

{ Kabel + Gothic }

{ Gothic Treble Extra Condensed + Gothic Back Slope/Round }

To see more great photos from this album, click here.

via The Silver Lining

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I can’t believe it’s FONTastic Friday again already!  Time was especially sneaky this week…  Today’s specimen comes to you from freelance designer and Art Director of BPM magazine, Jason Adam.  Check out his other work by clicking here.

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More font goodness from the boys at hand made font.  Perfect for the winter weather…

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A graduate of the Carnegie Mellon University’s communication design program, Beverly Hsu has mixed her love of design in with her love of baking to create something new and delicious.  I will definitely start saving my pennies for the day these beauties become available to own.  Check out her other work by clicking here.  (Thanks to Rob for sending me this find!)

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This FONTastic specimen was designed by Travis Stearns and can be found over at the lovely ‘you work for them‘.  

And sometimes cut and paste says it best…

“Pierre is a handset alphabet that strolls along the Rue de Weird. He winks at all the old women and pulls faces at the young pretty ones. Pierre does not talk to anyone. But his gestures are exaggerated, round, and jovial.”

via you work for them

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rollingerThis poster by Norway’s Darling Clementine for a concert series in Oslo called Blårollinger has the font with the funk.  Look at that letter E get on down with his bad self.  Darling Clementine’s pilots Ingrid Reithaug & Tonje Holand also have a line of stationary and bags that can be found at their shop.  Check it!

roll theclaudettesnotes2

via: grain edit

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font T-1




appy FONTastic Friday everyone! Today’s font special comes to you from illustrator and typographer Jessica Hische. She is busy creating one lovely capital letter a day for use by bloggers everywhere. Thanks Jessica!

font B-teal
font P-1
font G-1

via: Grain Edit

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sub{ Subelek/Heavy }

It’s Fontastic Friday everyone!  My favorite day of the blog week.  Today I’m going to share with you two cool fonts from Montreal based design studio, Subtitude.  Check out their website to see what other good goodies they offer.   

sub sign{ Subikto One / Regular }

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