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Strolling through Melbourne one of my first days there, I came across the storefront for Craft Victoria.  It showcases some of the best work from local makers and houses exhibitions in their gallery space that celebrate artists from all over the world.  


Unfortunately I’ve misplaced my notes that contained all the artists names, so I apologize that these images are uncredited, but none the less, these were my favorites:


{ I LOVED these little ceramic morsels! }

craft-victoria-wood-spoonscraft-victoria-collection5craft-victoria-inside1{ gallery space where they featured international crafts }


Morphed show by Emma Davies }

I was really impressed by all the amazing work I saw there.  Visiting the Craft Victoria website by clicking here is a really good idea…

Ocean Views

mel-beachI was so luck to get the chance to go ‘around the bay in a day’ and check out some of the fantastic beaches and towns outside of the big city. (Many thanks to my champion tour guide Ryan!)  Taking a little side track trip down the Great Ocean Road brought miles upon miles of beautiful beaches and some cool modern ocean front homes to oogle. (insert picture of me on balcony waving at camera’s jealousy here)


Coming back up through Tootgarook brought more beauty and many beach boxes.  They were so fun, bright, and colorful.  Good stuff.


Australia definitely gets two thumbs up from me for visual splendor!


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Super(S)mart #16

supersmart-16-paradeHi Everyone.  This is one the happiest super(S)mart’s yet.  When I saw this I instantly thought of my mind taking part in a big Dr. Seussian parade.  Now I don’t want to give you the wrong idea.  Not everything that comes out of my mouth creates such a magical party (sometimes I’m the boring bank float covered with poorly made & uninspired crepe carnations) but boy I wish it all did.  At the very least I hope to always throw candy.

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book 5

This week’s bookshelf find I borrowed from the lovely blog The Silver Lining.  These images are from a 1923 french geometry primer for kids, Géométrie.  To oogle more of these beauties visit the flickr set here.

book 1book 2book 3book 4

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