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I love checking out how bands interpret their songs visually with their videos. Sometimes it fits for me and sometimes, it don’t.

When I went hunting just now for a video for the lovely ‘Lay Down in the Tall Grass’ by Montreal’s Timber Timbre, I came across someone else’s visual interpretation of the song and I think it’s a very nice fit. Beautiful colors and perfectly lazy subjects. ‘Lay Down’ has a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins ‘I Put a Spell on You’ vibe that is perfect for my grey skied, but productive work day. Dig it.

(For the full song and other Timber Timbre goodness, I recommend buying their album.)

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It’s finally time to reveal the super secret project I was so busy working on this spring…   A STONEWARE PLANTER for FOSSIL!!

Fossil teamed up with four of their favorite artists specializing in vintage-inspired art forms.  Each artist was asked to create one original work using their favorite media that illustrates what LONG LIVE VINTAGE means to them.  I was lucky enough to be included!

Fossil has been re-imagining the coolness of bygone eras for a good long while now – clothing and accessories that offer up some high style ‘past’ pieces in gorgeous & thoughtful new ways!

(Their website is amazing and fun to go wandering around in!  Especially their FOSSIL.LIFE.STYLE section.)

I’m deeply in love with the Mid-Century aesthetic, so for this project I went straight to the classic chairs from that era for my inspiration.  After a bunch of noodling around with my sketch book and plaster wheel… voila!

To see a video of my process, click here (from this main page, click (gently please) on my face).  And once you’ve had enough of watching me use my exacto knife, please check out the amazing work of the other 3 very talented artists/designers that were also part of the LONG.LIVE.ART project, Dolan Geiman, Hatch Show Print, & Yellow Owl Workshop!

(Note: Residents of the U.S. have an amazing opportunity to enter a contest to win a custom letterpress poster by Hatch Show Print! You can enter on their artist page from the above ‘video’ link. Contest ends Sept. 18th, so hurry and enter now!)

IN STOCK TODAY! Standing proud at 6″ tall, this little guy holds a standard 4″ potted plant and would be delighted to help support your great indoors!  (He would also be equally excited to hold your pencils & rulers…) Now go on, click here to get one (or five…) of your very own!

A huge high five to the Fossil team for the opportunity to work with them.  It has been one of my favorite design experiences to date!  (Thanks guys!)  And a special extra low ‘five’ for Micah, my patient and hard working contact!

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STUDIO NEWS!:  I just received my beautiful matte copies of UPPERCASE Magazine #6 where on the upper right hand corner of page 9, my Wild Life Camper sits proudly.   Canadian creator/publisher/editor Janine Vangool has put together another juicy collection of talent and inspiration.  I’m so happy to be included in this issue’s wandering wonder.

If you are lucky enough to be in San Francisco this week, stop by The Curiosity Shoppe and meet the team behind the UPPERCASE magic!

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Hi friends,

I’ve finally accepted that I’m an ‘ebb ‘n flow’ kind of blogger.   With a little more emphasis on the ebb …  But I have to tell you that while I was busy not writing, I was visiting/exploring two of my favorite places in the world, Burlington, VT + New York City.  !!!   My heart is at home in both places and getting to spend time with those so darling and dear to me there is like Christmas, or better yet, cookie dough.  (Chocolate chip of course)   Thank you to my East coast family for always making me feel so at home.  And to my gorgeous new friends!  I am filled to the brim with love & luckiness.

xo paige

{ left to right: CB, Katie, me, longtime friend and fellow designer, Jed }

* Us trying to throw out some NYC tude.  The best part is that CB, who is the only one actually from NYC, is smiling…  : )

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I just received a copy of the beautiful Ukrainian interior design magazine DOM.  They featured my North American Wild Life series in a story about planters.  At least that’s what I think it’s about based on the pictures.  My Ukrainian is quite a bit far less than rusty.  What a gorgeous publication!  There’s some seriously good work in there and I’m honored to be included!  A big thanks to my new friend in Kiev, dom’s art director Vadim Siversky, for sending me a copy!

{ * Vadim assured me that this says something nice… : )  }

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I have some studio news to share!  I’ll be taking my dog and pony show on the road to Australia in July to participate in the State of Design show happening in Melbourne the 16th – 19th.  And until then I will definitely have my crazy pants on getting ready, so I’d like to apologize in advance for the decrease in posts that is bound to occur as I work it.  I appreciate the time you spend with me and I will do my best to make sure that the posts I manage to get up are packing some heat.  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

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Rodrigez sheepie

I’d like to introduce a tiny guest beast for my new, SPCA volunteering inspired, animal focused Tuesdays.   I’m quite proud of this one.  This is Design*Sponge reader Rodrigo’s version of my Sheepie cracker project (click here to see original post & full instructions).  A virtual high five to Rodrigo for trying it out and doing such a good job!

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Sorry I didn’t get any posts up yesterday folks. Guest blogging over at Design*Sponge used up all my blogging steam! I’d like to say thanks to Grace for inviting me to share with her readers. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you can see my ambassador posts by clicking here. The ‘how to’ for the above Green Space Travel Case is there too. And a big thanks too to Kelly & Tyler from Teal & Gold for being my high fashion case models!  I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday! xo


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sheepie 6

So this week I’m…two timing?…double fisting?…moonlighting? …  well anyway, straight up cheating on my blog.  I’m guest blogging over at the wonderful Design*Sponge.  I mentioned it yesterday, but there was a tiny blip, so they just went up this morning.  Let me know what you think!  This little guy is a sneak peak…

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