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German designer Stefan Diez has created new beauty.  An elegant yet sturdy modern interpretation of a mid-century classic furniture staple.  I love!

Check out his website for construction info and pictures.  Inspired by a technique used in aeroplane model making, two-dimensional plywood slabs are stretched by hand around a complexly milled solid wood ring to form the back and another to form part of the seat. No nails or screws are used to hold the chairs together rather the 2D slabs are glued to the base to stay in position, producing the shape of the chairs.

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These gorgeous pieces are from the Collection Crystal (2010) by Pour les Alpes. Pour les Alpes’ is a Swiss label based in Zurich and was founded by the two designers Tina Stieger (*1978) and Annina Gähwiler (*1981) in 2008.
I love it when old production techniques are paired so successfully with new trends. The facet is welcome to take over the world as far as I’m concerned. Especially when softened up so nicely by nature’s green beauties!

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Launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this past February, Swedish company Bolon‘s new Botanic woven vinyl flooring collection has my nesting knickers in an excited knot.

Marketed as a revolutionary environmental breakthrough, it’s made with a plant based plasticiser instead of using the industry standard of phthalates (Diisodecyl-phthalate (DIDP) and Diisononyl-phthalate (DINP)), which have potentially devestating adverse affects on the environment and on us.  Most building materials involve some kind of sticky eco business, whether it’s the adhesive used or the harvesting practices,  and there are so many factors to consider; durability, longevity, sensitivity, sustainability, etc…, so it’s really a matter of doing the best we can.  (A mud or underground hut with no electricity or utilities of any kind would be the best of course, but.. tough to pull off in the Northern climates…)   Barring everyone moving underground, I give Bolon an ‘A’ for effort and a high five for color choices and delicious textures!

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This is just a little tidbit from Stockholm Design Week that I found over at the delicious Emmas.blogg.  Um, love.

To see more work by the inspired Chen Karlsson company, click here.

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I’m not sure if it was the yellow, or the wood, or the yellow and the wood together, but this caught my eye this morning.  Not loving the mirror so much, but would definitely find a place for the basin/shelf combo. By Sopha Industries.

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This bit of pretty & nice is by Dutch design talent Juliette Warmenhoven.  A recent Product Design graduate of the ArtEZ Academy in The Netherlands, Juliette is currently exhibiting her graduation project ‘Everyday Growing’ at a shop in Arnhem called ‘Coming Soon’.  If you’re lucky enough to live there, and can make it before the show ends on Saturday, say a few kind words to her plants for me.  

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Joining the ranks of ‘good things tube’ alongside tube tops, Tubular Bells, and inner tubes for river floating is the Tube Chair by KIBISI, which was developed for the project 8 HOUSE (designed by BIG).  It was first presented at stockholm furniture fair in 09 as a prototype.  It’s now being produced by the danish company hay and was on display in its final version at maison et objet  this year in paris.  

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