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Hoist the Sails

As we get ready to sail into a new year, that will be filled with unlimited opportunities as every year is,  I’m feeling brave  and am setting a course towards my big dream.  This is the year.  Make it yours too.  Go get it!  

With gratitude + love,  

xo paige

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Genetics explained.

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You know those ‘Calgon take me away’ moments?  Sigh.  If it wasn’t the worst season for air travel and if it was somehow the 1950’s, seeing these posters up would have me marching straight to the airport.  Egypt.  Definitely Egypt.

To see more of David Klein’s work for Howard Hughes’ Trans World Airlines circa 1950, click here.

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It happens…

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The little birdhouse I made in my soul back in 1990 at the insistence of ‘They Might Be Giants’ would be proud to host these sweet Soul Birds by half Finnish / half British illustrator and print maker Sanna Annuukka.  Decorate your own birdhouse by clicking here.  

Also check out her work for the band Keane and housewares masters Marimekko. Gorgeous!

{ Keane album cover and poster }

{  Sanna + Marimekko = marvelousness }

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Since this tis the season for coziness, visions of warm fires dance in my head.  This one’s a beauty.  Designed for a municipal playground in Trondheim, Norway by architecture firm Haugen/Zohar, this enclosed fire, storytelling, and playing space is the ultimate in community health.  I think if we here in Canada spent more money on this kind of well being (community & family) instead of on, say, fear mongering media campaigns and medical administration for faux pandemics,  that would be a far greater public health benefit.  Not to mention how much cooler our parks would look…

ps.  There are doors that slide into place and lock to keep the space from becoming a nighttime den for the devious…

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This FONTastic specimen was designed by Travis Stearns and can be found over at the lovely ‘you work for them‘.  

And sometimes cut and paste says it best…

“Pierre is a handset alphabet that strolls along the Rue de Weird. He winks at all the old women and pulls faces at the young pretty ones. Pierre does not talk to anyone. But his gestures are exaggerated, round, and jovial.”

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These universal attachments to make all chairs rock-able are… well they’re brilliant.  Designed by Dutch studio OOOMS in cooperation with Miente van de Meulen, these bad boys have the potential to bring so much excitement and new meaning to the lives of static chairs everywhere.  Unfortunately they aren’t available for purchase yet, but I’m crossing my toes that that changes oh so soon.

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Super(S)mart #19

Like the Little Engine That Could, it’s possible to get  up that challenge hill if we just plain old believe we can.  So go give er!

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This Swiss delight was a collaboration between Dutch architects at SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects.  Located in the village of Vals, and surrounded by other underground hobbit style homes, it would only take a quick blink to miss this buried treasure.  The elliptical arch of the opening frames a stunning view of the mountains and surrounding valley, while it also allows enough natural light in to flood the interior rooms with warm sunshine.  I would also guess that the energy used to heat this beauty would be substantially less than an above ground dwelling, with all that soil for insulation, so not only is this choice to go underground preserving the natural beauty of the valley by not adding another man made structure, it’s also reducing it’s other footprints.  Big ups to their going under and to all stealth architecture!

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