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I love checking out how bands interpret their songs visually with their videos. Sometimes it fits for me and sometimes, it don’t.

When I went hunting just now for a video for the lovely ‘Lay Down in the Tall Grass’ by Montreal’s Timber Timbre, I came across someone else’s visual interpretation of the song and I think it’s a very nice fit. Beautiful colors and perfectly lazy subjects. ‘Lay Down’ has a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins ‘I Put a Spell on You’ vibe that is perfect for my grey skied, but productive work day. Dig it.

(For the full song and other Timber Timbre goodness, I recommend buying their album.)

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This is a kickin’ little song. And as my friend Conner posted re: it’s sweetness, “this guitar has the sound”. I conquer concur.

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This is what’s playing in the office today. The Avett Brothers. Good stuff.

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This is such a gooder. I love it when a great song has a great video. Now back to work for me…

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I know I have been neglecting design a bit here lately… My excuse is that I’ve been working so hard on my own design projects that all I want to do is listen to good music to help me along my merry working way. Luckily with this song/video combo I’m hugging two birds with one hand. I made one of these with my dad when I was wee (a MUCH smaller version) and remember the marvel of watching it go. AMAZING! I can’t even imagine how many times they had to do this to get it right. Lots of smarts and patience would have been required…

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All the cowboy action of yesterday’s post got me jonesing for some Bob.  What a sweet ‘n slow number this is.  And the outfits!  I love everything about this.   Excuse me, I have to go sway around the room a little…

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This is really a part II to my AUDIO post from last week.   Aidan Knight and Dan Mangan both gave me an earful that night.  

I love live music.  Even when it’s not great music, live I can still love it.  Thankfully in this case, it wasn’t just great, it was good too. Dan’s intense amount of time spent on the road has honed his stage presence to a point of comfort that let us all relax and just listen. (There’s nothing worse than an awkward performer, even if they are mind blowingly talented. It’s hard to completely enjoy a show while you’re feeling bad for them…)  

Dan is a pro.  His music is well written, his delivery is powerful, and anyone who moves around the room, standing on tables while playing, is someone worth seeing.  And the talents of his supporting musicians filled in all the right spaces around him, building up a memorable music experience. If you get the chance to see him, don’t be a fool, go.

To hear/see more, or to buy his music, visit his website by clicking here.

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{A last year version of my favorite song from his set}

The other night I tried on some new live music at my local sound spot The Habitat, and it fit perfectly!  I only caught the last bit of the first act (I apologetically don’t remember his name) Vancouver based Adrian Glynn (thanks Karin!) and was impressed, as I always am, by solo performers who dare to engage the crowd. He had us sing along. Really it takes guts and I admire that. (And try to comply as loudly as I can)

Second up was Victoria, BC native Aidan Knight. Really wow. His dynamic phrasing and witty, thoughtful lyrics were such a beautiful surprise. His desire to connect with us in between songs rounded out an already fine performance. And all night his outfit, which I loved, of cuffed jeans over rubber boots, a button up shirt, topped with a red toque, reminded me of something I’d seen before.  It wasn’t until I got home later that it came to me…

{photo credit: Jonathan Taggart}

Sammy Seagull, one of my favorite Wayne Pate posters. I’m not at all suggesting a resemblance between the man and the bird. Just a kinship of hat and footwear choices. And maybe cheekiness.  

This young man is someone to listen out for.  I reckon his vocal suede is going to sing him all the way to wherever he wants to go. To see & hear more to love, get up on this.

And to pre-order a limited edition 12″ vinyl copy of his new album Versicolour for a steal at US$20 – that also includes immediate download of the album in your choice of format – click here.  

p.s. Third up was Dan Mangan.  Also something special.  Next week…

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Now that I’m back to blogging again, I can’t seem to stop…   And really, who doesn’t need a bit of this in their day.  Hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for more super(S)martness.  

via: Swiss Miss

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