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Rodrigez sheepie

I’d like to introduce a tiny guest beast for my new, SPCA volunteering inspired, animal focused Tuesdays.   I’m quite proud of this one.  This is Design*Sponge reader Rodrigo’s version of my Sheepie cracker project (click here to see original post & full instructions).  A virtual high five to Rodrigo for trying it out and doing such a good job!

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Sorry I didn’t get any posts up yesterday folks. Guest blogging over at Design*Sponge used up all my blogging steam! I’d like to say thanks to Grace for inviting me to share with her readers. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you can see my ambassador posts by clicking here. The ‘how to’ for the above Green Space Travel Case is there too. And a big thanks too to Kelly & Tyler from Teal & Gold for being my high fashion case models!  I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday! xo


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sheepie 6

So this week I’m…two timing?…double fisting?…moonlighting? …  well anyway, straight up cheating on my blog.  I’m guest blogging over at the wonderful Design*Sponge.  I mentioned it yesterday, but there was a tiny blip, so they just went up this morning.  Let me know what you think!  This little guy is a sneak peak…

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paige + modern eggs

In Canada, Easter Monday is a holiday, so I’m taking advantage of this bonus day to get away with a late egg post… 

I have been wanting to start this blog for a looooooong time and have always managed to find a reason to put it off, but in honor of all things bunny shaped & chocolate, today is the day!   Inspired by so many of the blogging greats that have blazed a trail before me, I look forward to sharing my inspirations & findings with you.   I have a design studio that I pour most of my time and love of beauty/function into –  and a passion for hunting for Mid Century vintage home decor. (Did I say passion?  I meant to say uncontrollable obsession…)  So I’ll be using this blog to keep you up to date on the happenings of both pastimes and also on all things lovely that I find along the way.  To view a schedule of what to expect for weekly post topics, please visit the ‘Ground Control’ page link above. Please feel free to send me your suggestions, ideas, & submissions.  I want it all!

I had intended to get this going last week so that if you had a hankering to, you could try the egg project pictured above in time for Easter.  (oops!) But even though the time for egg snazzification is now past, I’m still going to tell you how to do it in case you happen to have an all year obsession with eggs and making them feel special.  (Sorry no DIY process photos this time, but they will accompany all craftology projects in the future.)

The magic of egg etching:

On a clean & dry boiled egg, use a sharpened crayon or a kistka (tool used for Ukrainian egg decorating) to draw a wax decoration onto the surface of the egg. *Keep in mind that whatever part of the egg’s surface is covered in wax will be untouched by the vinegar in the next step and will become a relief.  

Next, in a glass jar or bowl, submerge the egg(s) in white vinegar.  Make sure the egg is completely covered by the vinegar.  If it refuses to stay submerged, take a spoon and set in on top the egg to help keep it down.  Let it sit for 2 hours.  Then drain the jar/bowl and fill it up again with a fresh batch of vinegar.  Let sit for another 3 hours.  Once the timer has gone off dump out the vinegar and rinse the egg(s) in water, gently wiping off the jelly like film the outer shell layer has become.  BE VERY GENTLE with the egg, the shell is now VERY thin!   To remove the wax & guide pencil marks if used, take some scouring powder and a brush and gently scrub off the wax. If you applied a very thick layer of wax, pour boiling water over the egg first to help remove most of it before scouring.

Other tips:

*If you are using crayons, it’s better to keep the egg hot (but cool enough to handle) so that the crayon melts as you apply it.  This gives you a crisper edge.  But it will be smudge-able until the egg cools, so be careful not to touch it!                                                                                                                                                                      * Using brown eggs makes the relief pattern brown while the vinegar eats the color off of the rest of the egg leaving it a light beige.  A much more dramatic effect!  And I didn’t try it, but I bet if you dyed the egg a color first and then waxed your pattern, you could end up with a color relief & a white egg…

Have fun!  (I’ll post a new version of this project next year for those of you who have had it up to here with egg salad…)


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