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Love this print by Portland, Oregon based duo Jolby (Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols).  I’m feeling a pull towards the sea today…

Unfortunately the first print is sold out from their etsy shop, but they have plenty of other beauties to oogle at.  (like the above ‘Traditions’)

Also check out grain edit‘s post on their handiwork here.

And if you haven’t had enough of the sea, have a peak at my all time favorite sea illustration here.

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Wow wow wow!  These amazing illustrated covers for Weekend Knack magazine by Belgian based design firm KHUAN + KTRON are worth getting lost in.  Forget your map, just let your eyes wander around until they discover their favorite spot.  This morning mine chose the drippy little Alps in the above cover!   via grain edit

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If you’re smart, and I know you are cause you read my blog, click on the video link below to see how dreaming big is done.

Awesome Book Tour from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.

I think this man and what he’s doing is awesome.

See more of his amazing project by clicking here.

p.s. My dear friend Ryan sent me this book for my birthday last year.  Thanks again Ryan!

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{ Beautiful 24×36. It says, “you are beautiful”.  Look hard, it really does. }

Lovers of yellow and good design get a whole basket full of goodness with this beauty.  Check out more from illustrator Ryan Feerer & Citizen Scholar Inc. by clicking here!

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Deer Owl,

Deer Owl,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love you.  The way your sketched black ink plays with your soft modern lines of color…it takes my breath away.

Your #1 fan,


This is the stunning work of Australian illustrator Kareena Zerefos.  Did I mention I love it?  Well I do, love it.  To see more of her work visit her site by clicking here.

{ these are especially sweet }

via a girl with curl’s

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You know those ‘Calgon take me away’ moments?  Sigh.  If it wasn’t the worst season for air travel and if it was somehow the 1950’s, seeing these posters up would have me marching straight to the airport.  Egypt.  Definitely Egypt.

To see more of David Klein’s work for Howard Hughes’ Trans World Airlines circa 1950, click here.

via Huntley Blog

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The little birdhouse I made in my soul back in 1990 at the insistence of ‘They Might Be Giants’ would be proud to host these sweet Soul Birds by half Finnish / half British illustrator and print maker Sanna Annuukka.  Decorate your own birdhouse by clicking here.  

Also check out her work for the band Keane and housewares masters Marimekko. Gorgeous!

{ Keane album cover and poster }

{  Sanna + Marimekko = marvelousness }

via grain edit + sanna annukka

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chris liveMy good friend Chris Varricchione, illustrator extraordinaire, has launched his long anticipated portfolio site.  He and his wife Cassandra have set up shop in lovely Somerville, MA where they will provide deeply awesome designs and solid service.  Chris has spent years doing illustrations and technical graphics for the likes of Burton Snowboards, Red Protection, Anon Optics, and most currently Soldier Design.  Cassandra honed her ‘taking care of business’ skills at JDK Design in Burlington, VT and Soldier Design in Boston.  If anyone is in need of their sweet brand of graphic greatness, I highly recommend that you click on over to their site tout suite!

chris{ Chris hard at work in the new digs }


{ client: Soldier Design }

chrissg_BLOG_lg{client: Soldier Design }

chrisSLEEPER{client: Burton Snowboards }

chrisWHALE{client: his sketchbook}

Go to www.cvillustration.com!


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rocks-n-mineralsIllustrated by Raymond Perlman, this 1957 Golden Press gem about, well, gems is pocket book perfection.  More Mid-Century bling than you can shake a stick at.


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