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These elusive beasts were first discovered in 1988 by Paul Middlewick as he waited to ride the London Underground home from work.  The elephant was the first to step forward and the others shyly followed over the next few years.  Using the map tube lines, stations, and junctions, Middlewick has connected some of the cutest dots!  Check out his animal fun website here!

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usb 3

These super cuties are from Japanese company Marubeni InfoTech.  They would be the best behaved. and by far the best looking USB memory drives of any tech family.  Available in both walnut and maple, you can choose between a 1 GB dog, pig, elephant, hippo, or swan.  Or get them all and have your very own modern menagerie. The hook up location is a little unfortunate, but I’m choosing to overlook this detail and just enjoy their fun-ness.


Available at the monoDO website for 7,980 yen, which is about $73 US. (website is in Japanese, but I’ve linked to the translated version)   

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bb two

Austrian born designer/artist Walter Bosse created some of my all time favorite animalia sculptures.  They are petite and perfect.  The combination of polished versus patina lends a bold graphic style to these little critters that caters to my love of Mid-Century simplicity .  If I ever feel compelled to become a serious collector of figurines, I will definitely snub the Hummels and head straight for these sweeties.

To purchase faithful (and licensed) reproductions of these 40’s classics (in Viennese brass), visit Design Within Reach by clicking here or Canoe (in lovely Portland, Oregon) by clicking here.


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I heard the most ridiculous & sad news this morning.  Two nights ago someone broke into the SPCA that I volunteer at and stole the cash box.  They broke a $300 glass door to get about $15.  (= the lamest kind of dumb dumbs)  Luckily they didn’t disturb or mess with the animals, but still, just head shaking kind of behavior.  I trust that animalistic karma will find them and open their eyes to a better way of conducting themselves.  Let’s hope.

On the brighter side of beastly news this morning, I’d like to share with you these very special animal softies from Canadian company Bookhou.  Founded by John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj in 2003, Bookhou offers a variety of loveliness that emphasizes natural handmade materials & small production pieces.  They sell online at www.bookhou.com or at their brick and mortar shop at 798 Dundas Street West in Toronto.


Bloesem is doing a give away of the above bag of softies.  Today is the last day to enter, so get on over there and enter! (click here to go there)

via: Bloesem & Bookhou

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Continuing with my Tuesday theme of animal inspirations, here are a few projects from Swedish design dynamos Front Design.  The following was written and posted by core jr on core 77 about these beastly affairs:

Popular Swedish design group, Front Design, created their Animals Project as a way of exploring the possibilities of a non-humanly-mediated production process: “We asked animals to help us [design products]. ‘Sure we’ll help you out,’ they answered. ‘Make something nice,’ we told them. And so they did.”

What resulted were everyday objects: wallpaper that was “decorated” by a gnawing rat, a lamp cast from a rabbit’s burrow, wall hooks that were formed by constricting snakes, a lampshade created after recording a fly’s path around a light bulb, a vase created by casting the impression of a dog’s leg in deep snow, and a table who’s top is patterned by the paths of wood consuming beetles. None of these everyday products were commercialized; they were not intended to be viable products, but instead the product-form was the means through which they investigated ideas of randomness and mediation within the context of mass-production and everyday objects.


These are just a few of Front’s many cool projects. It’s well worth the trip to visit their website. (Click here to get there.)


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Rodrigez sheepie

I’d like to introduce a tiny guest beast for my new, SPCA volunteering inspired, animal focused Tuesdays.   I’m quite proud of this one.  This is Design*Sponge reader Rodrigo’s version of my Sheepie cracker project (click here to see original post & full instructions).  A virtual high five to Rodrigo for trying it out and doing such a good job!

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This morning, it was once again time for me to head to my local SPCA to volunteer.  I moved to the kitten room today and boy oh boy are they tiny. And sharp.  And fast.  (One tried to make a break for it but I caught it mid-gallop.)  I found I had to just go about my business of tidying up because I was pretty sure that if I looked directly at their cuteness for too long, I would melt – or just forget about the litter boxes and make them dance with the little sparkly wand toy.  Wow.  So much cute.  

And this will be my routine every Tuesday morning.  So I’ve decided to dedicate one of my posts today (and every Tuesday) to animals of the world.  Tiny or large, picture or product, I am open to all things beast and would like to start the fur ball rolling with this awesome bag I found on NOTCOT.   It’s called the Picnica Bunny reusable tote bag by Japanese design studio EDING:POST.   Both bag and friend (in it’s ‘stuffed’ form) in one, as a proud owner you would no doubt be the envy of shoppers everywhere you go.

Picnica Bunny Bagpicnica4

*And my apologies for missing yesterday afternoon’s post!  My roller derby team had the opportunity to check out a new practice space with polished concrete floors (= butter) and I just couldn’t miss it!  And for those of you that don’t know, this is what roller derby looks like: 

derby spat

And if you, or any Kelowna girls you know want a piece of this action, please let me know! (We’re also looking for refs & coaches boys…)

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dust ball kitteh
This morning I’m off to my first day of volunteering at the local SPCA. I’m on cat duty and am not a bit sad about it. After I tidy up after them I plan on giving them a right good amount of love & petting. I’ll be back this afternoon with fresh goods!

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