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Super(S)mart #21

A big welcome back to Super(S)mart!  I’ve been waiting for weeks now to see the sayings come back to the corner store and last week they delivered!  This one makes me want to watch The Karate Kid and Empire Strikes Back to brush up on my discipline skills…

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Super(S)mart imPOSTER

My friend Nadia sent me this picture she took in San Francisco a few days ago.  I think it’s perfectly reasonable to work at having a healthy mix of both these things for some of that ‘get #**@ done’ attitude that makes the big dreams happen.

My industrial ceramics teacher at Parsons loved it when we tried things that were to his experienced mind, clearly not going to work.  He said that ‘knowing better’ can be a hinderance to discovery, discoveries that did occasionally turn up in our classroom thanks to the support he offered our stupidity…

via: super awesome Nadia

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{be fearless and fierce.  I don’t mean you should look for fights, just stand up for yourself when life growls at you is all.}

Once again, this week super(S)mart-ness has to be supplemented  while a community message owns the sign…  Both of these images are from my file labelled “love without links”, things I’ve saved without remembering to write down their source.  So, my bad, there are no links, but I wanted to share regardless.  If you know the source, please send it to me and I’ll right my wrong.

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Super(S)mart #20

Top of the Monday morning to you!  (top of the early afternoon to you East-ers)  I was so happy to drive by my favorite sign this weekend and find new smartness!  It’s about time we got back to the business of getting wiser.  You know they say it’s supposed to come naturally as you get older, well lately I’ve been proving them wrong, so am grateful for all the help I can get!

It is too bad that our life minutes don’t roll over like some cell phone minutes do…  We definitely should treat our seconds, minutes, hours like tiny diamonds.  We are so lucky to have every one of them.

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More borrowed wisdom from love your chaos.  Before the above happens to you, get out your sledge hammer (or ask Peter Gabriel for help)  and get to work knocking that sucker down.  

I can feel new market wisdom on the air, so I’m sure next week the original Super(S)mart will be back!

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Tuesday is the new Monday.  Just for this week, ok?  I meant to get this up yesterday…  My supersmart corner store has been using their sign power to support local events and hasn’t posted new wisdoms for a few weeks.  Hopefully they will get back to their regularly scheduled ‘inspirational’ programming soon.  (not that I’m not all about supporting local, but selfishly it messes with my posting schedule…)  So this week I’m borrowing an image I found on the really great ‘love your chaosblog.   I saved this weeks ago and forgot to save it’s link, so I’m hunting through the archives…  As soon as I find it I’ll post it up.

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Super(S)mart #19

Like the Little Engine That Could, it’s possible to get  up that challenge hill if we just plain old believe we can.  So go give er!

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Super(S)mart #18

If only they offered a course in college, or better yet, kindergarten that taught this sometimes elusive skill, I think it would have served me better than, say, calculus did.  Even the most confident among us have bad days and how nice would it be to just pull out the tool kit and patch up that courage and chutzpah?  Grow A Pair 101?  A small graphic pamphlet would be nice. (Who has time to read a whole self-help book before a date or a big meeting?)  I put out the call…

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Super(S)mart #17


This week’s supersmart quote is from my local Siesta Inn.  I’m thinking that time is a funny beast.  We’ve created such a finite structure of it; 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, etc.   And we set ourselves up to live within that structure; 8 hour work days, 1/2 hour tv shows, etc.  Yet, we still FEEL time.  It feels fast, it feels slow, it feels like it’s standing still.  And we either run out of it, lose track of it, or look for ways to kill it.  (can you imagine?!)  Poor time.  I guess WE’RE the funny ones…

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Super(S)mart #16

supersmart-16-paradeHi Everyone.  This is one the happiest super(S)mart’s yet.  When I saw this I instantly thought of my mind taking part in a big Dr. Seussian parade.  Now I don’t want to give you the wrong idea.  Not everything that comes out of my mouth creates such a magical party (sometimes I’m the boring bank float covered with poorly made & uninspired crepe carnations) but boy I wish it all did.  At the very least I hope to always throw candy.

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