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usb 3

These super cuties are from Japanese company Marubeni InfoTech.  They would be the best behaved. and by far the best looking USB memory drives of any tech family.  Available in both walnut and maple, you can choose between a 1 GB dog, pig, elephant, hippo, or swan.  Or get them all and have your very own modern menagerie. The hook up location is a little unfortunate, but I’m choosing to overlook this detail and just enjoy their fun-ness.


Available at the monoDO website for 7,980 yen, which is about $73 US. (website is in Japanese, but I’ve linked to the translated version)   

via: geek alerts, via: Far East Gizmos

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Super(S)mart #012

supersmart-012Hmmm… this week’s advice is going to be a little tough to follow.  How do we know if our thoughts are high quality or not? By how they make us feel? I’ll tell you one thing I’m heading straight to Google to see if I can find, and special order, some fine European crafted thoughts so I can be sure that my life will be a happy one.  (hint: don’t go looking for your thoughts at Wallmart.  You’re sure to be disappointed with the results…)

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oops surr chair

[Surrealism Chair by David Pompa.  ??? ]





[Andrej Statskij, founder of the Oops Design Awards]

I’m going to sign off this week with one of the best websites/ideas I’ve seen in a coon’s age.  Via another great website that my dear friend Iris sent me called CoolBoom, I came across this piece of long overdue shining entertainment.  

oops chair ONE

[Chair One by Charlotte Kingsnorth, manufactured by VITRA (can you believe it?)]

The Oops Design Award is a NOT honorable award group (think ‘bad design’ police) created by Lithuanian designer/architect Andrej Statskij, German design journalist Magda Braun-Sommer, and American/Swiss product design historian Adam Hoops.  The awards highlight the Ugliest, the Silliest, and the Most Useless products completed and/or manufactured in the areas of product, furniture, lighting, & etc. design.  All the images in this post are nominees from this year and a few from last year. In Andrej’s own words, this is the gist, from their category heading, Design and Stupidity

“In the 2008 I visit I Saloni furniture fair in Milan together with my little daughter Veronika and after two days I ask my daughter :Do you like any furniture which you saw here,at fair ? And she has told : No,because furniture I see here is ugly and silly ! I have reflected on its words and have understood that it is absolutely right.Our world is overflown by useless,silly and ugly products .The little girl understood that,but big adult designers and businessmens   do still not ! I wish ask why so occurs ?

oops evolution chair

[Evolution Chair by Nacho Carbonell. Andrej’s comment: “Oh My God – say my wife – I never stay in the room together with such…”]

 For the last 10 years profession with name “designer” become too popular and thousands chosen this profession to be in the fashion only. Some famous product designers became similar pop-stars,design magazines propagandize   product design as part of pop / glamour – culture and , of course,therefore young designers think that product design is similar pop-culture,pop-art,pop-sculpture etc. etc. They assured that product design is not serious professional work but entertainment,something shining,funny and amusing similarily to infinite TV show.What products we can get in result if product design overflown by pop-artists not professional designers ? Right,we get only useless,silly and ugly products !!!”

oops Cross 1opps cross 1 b[Cross 1 by Human Since 1982.  Yikes.]

So the Oops Design Award team is taking it upon themselves to serve up a hot plate of finger wagging ‘titch titch’ to those straying from the path.  And good on ’em. (Of course if I end up on the list some day I will vehemently denounce the whole premise…)

And just in case you want a finger wagging badge of your own I have good news, anyone can join and gain the power to nominate designs and help select the winners.  I sent in my application last night and I want to peer pressure you into doing the same.  Do it… and then have a great weekend!  See you Monday.  xo 

oops the wooly chair

[Wooly Chair by Jason Miller. We might have a winner right here…]

oops cipria sofa[Cipria Sofa by Fernando + Humberto Campana. Shame shame boys…]

via: CoolBoom, images from: Oops Design Award

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Once again, design blog extraordinaire Grain Edit is my go to source for font goodness. Today they featured a neat-o UK font website called HypeForType that has lots of chunky lettering and sweet san sarifs.  I have to admit I’m not even sure why I love fonts so much.  I’m not a graphic designer and never really use them, I just love words and seeing them all dressed up in different font outfits makes me happy!  

And HypeForType provided even more happiness for me this morning, as like with most font websites, they have a typesetting box for each font which allows you to see each font in your own words, aka, a little window where you can type in whatever you want and it shows up in the selected lettering.  My favorite was the Lukano font.  Created by Australian designer Luke Lucas, this play on a childhood favorite, Meccano building sets, is all about ‘connection’ and really isn’t that what using your words is all about?  

font lukanovia: grain edit

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urchin poufs greys

Christien Meindertsma is special.  She is one of those designers that makes me shake my head in awe and envy.  Her work is simple yet deeply thoughtful and her attention to detail is inspiring.  Since the debut of her Urchin Poufs in Milan this year (see above image) I have been jonesing to hug, squish, and bounce on one to see if they are as comfortable as they look.  And I’m happy to report that I have lived that dream and they are indeed, super comfy. (Thanks Nadia!)

urchin[look at her go!]

urchin pouf colors

Of her other work, my next favorite is her Flocks cardigan project where she uses the wool from one whole sheep to knit each sweater she produces. Not only is the idea amazing, the designs are unique and stylish.  I saw one at the forward thinking design gallery/boutique Commissaires in Montreal and although it was way too big for me,  I still wanted to curl right up in it.  She also uses the same approach for rabbit wool mittens.  Really lovely.

urchin flocks cardigan 006urchin flocks detail

Lucy Feagin of the sharp Melbourne design blog The Design Files had this to (smartly) say about Christien’s ingenuity:

“Christien’s ongoing Flocks project sensitively explores issues of consumerism and the lost connection between primary industry (farmers) and final consumer. Christien works with farmers to create garments from individual animals – ie the wool of one sheep is used for the creation of one cardigan, and the fur of one rabbit is used for one pair of mittens… The animal’s ear tag and details are then attached to the final product made from it’s wool. The result are simple, beautifully designed knitted garments and homewares, with a real sense of history and connection to their origins on the land.”

urchin rabbit mittens

I would like double of this Dutch please.

To check out more of Christien’s amazing work, visit her website by clicking here.

via: The Design Files

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When I went hunting through my bookshelf this morning to find today’s Bookshelf Bonanza, I came across these beauties.  I bought them at a flea market last year, put them between two books to keep them flat, and then promptly forgot about them.  I was very ‘wahoo’ when I found them all tucked in there.  All from the late 60’s, I have no idea what records (45’s) these sleeves held, but if they were anywhere as cool as their ‘outfit’ graphics, they were some sweet sweet sounds.


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bb two

Austrian born designer/artist Walter Bosse created some of my all time favorite animalia sculptures.  They are petite and perfect.  The combination of polished versus patina lends a bold graphic style to these little critters that caters to my love of Mid-Century simplicity .  If I ever feel compelled to become a serious collector of figurines, I will definitely snub the Hummels and head straight for these sweeties.

To purchase faithful (and licensed) reproductions of these 40’s classics (in Viennese brass), visit Design Within Reach by clicking here or Canoe (in lovely Portland, Oregon) by clicking here.


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Super(S)mart #011


Weeeee caaaaaann  doooo  iiiittttt!  Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes we can.

Can you feel the power?  Ok, now go for it, use that force…

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Happy belated FONTastic day!  Sorry I missed this post on Friday, but here it is…

These ‘fonts in nature’ are from graphic artist Ethan YJ Park’s Marry Me Project.  I like.

type treetype applestype clothes pinstype what ifvia: Typography Served

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rocks-n-mineralsIllustrated by Raymond Perlman, this 1957 Golden Press gem about, well, gems is pocket book perfection.  More Mid-Century bling than you can shake a stick at.


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