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{ from French Connection 2010 collection }

I felt I should follow up Haiiku‘s beautiful ladies fashions with some for the man.  I have to say that one of the things I miss about being in a relationship is shopping for the man.  I miss having an excuse to hang out with sport jackets and sneakers that just don’t come in my size.  I miss picking out sweaters that will bring out their eyes.

French Connection says it’s time for the manly man again. And for nautical stripes and soft plaids.  I say, bring it!

From their gorgeous MANifesto site:

“The Man.  He is handsome. Naturally, he is handsome. He’s powerful. Perhaps as powerful as a bullock. But do not let him daunt you. He knows about warp and weft, about women.

His love for his beard is fierce and raw. He knows that a beard is a poem. Do not touch his beard. If you do not know so much about the beard, The Man can help you.”

“Man should be courageous with opinion. Ask him what he thinks of egalité, fraternité, carpet underlay. He will look you in the eye and tell you straight, astonished that you had to ask. He does not hide his opinion beneath his clothing, like a shivering bird. His opinion is his clothing.”

You should really check out the site, it’s very handsome design. Do so by clicking here.

{ Karouac & Cassady }

My other favorite man-wear site is Nerd Boyfriend.  Lots of outfit inspiration.

I love  the simplicity of men’s clothing and the man’s often simple attitude towards it.  Some are more into shopping than others, but really most fall into the “Do you have shoes? Good, I’ll take two” category.  That’s usually where I get to come in.  So I”m putting on my to-do list, right after ‘take over the tabletop world’, ‘find a good nerd man’ – for dressing and other nice things.

{ Toshiro Mifune }

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My darling + dear friend Iris Taborsky-Tasa of Haiiku has just launched her new website showcasing her spring/summer 2010 collection.  Her work is truly delicious and rich in thoughtful details.  Here is her collection in her own words:

“Inspired by the Fjords of Norway and Gothic arches the collection explores the relation between shapes found in nature and those created within architecture. The lattice pattern is prominent, mirroring both the Gothic rib vaults and patterns found in broken rocks along the Norwegian Fjords coastline. Cottons and Silks are used to create soft structure, while bamboo jerseys add a sensual drape. The Fjords of Norway set the color palette with blues, greys, whites, creams, sand and accents of greens.”

I am the proud owner of some Haiiku pieces and can tell you that they not only make me feel beautiful they are sooo comfortable.  And I get comments on them all the time.  I love, they love, everybody love loves,  Haiiku!  Get in on this love-fest by visiting her website and ordering NOW!  

*Iris will be taking part in the Fabulous Finds show up at Summerhill Winery on March 27th.  I’ll be there too hocking my wares.  Come on out! (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=314147121941)

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FONTastic!: official Elvis

This is one of the best/funniest bits of graphic design I’ve ever seen.  This is apparently the real deal people.  King-like bold, but not king-like fancy.  Gotta respect the simple when it could have been all bedazzled a la his suits… 

via tandemonium

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Happy Friday everyone!  Something I discovered this morning while snooping around the intertubes, is that I get easily overwhelmed by how much stuff is out/in there.  And really good stuff.  It’s both inspiring and discouraging.  

As a maker, I love knowing that there are others successfully workin’ it = inspiring.  But with so many beautiful minds busy out there, does the world really need what I’m making? = mildly discouraging.  There’s no fighting it though, I love what I do and it makes me happy.  The world can never get bogged down with too much happiness I figure, so as long as I keep my good ethics pants on,  full steam ahead. Right? Right.

One of the ‘good stuff’ things I found today is this:  the Reliorama.  First of all anything with ‘orama’ in it’s name is inherintly cool.  And b) it reminds me of science kits from the 50’s.  Also cool.  It’s a scale model (1: 75 000, 11 x 16 cm) of Jungfrau (German: “maiden/virgin”), one of the main summits in the Bernese Alps, situated between the cantons of Valais and Bern in Switzerland.  Sculptural AND informative.  Sweet deal.

via arkinet

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Here we are at Friday already! Exciting plans for the weekend? I will be working, but as always, dancing along way. I’m going to finish up my lazy design, music appreciation week(s) with these gorgeous graphics from the 1,700 tape box collection of W. Eugene Smith, prolific American photographer who documented the New York Jazz scene from 1957 – 1965 in his tiny loft. See you on Monday!

via grain edit

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This is such a gooder. I love it when a great song has a great video. Now back to work for me…

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Continuing on with my busyness, and therefore my music appreciation posts, may I present to you the Colour of Music. (I wish I could eat ’em.)

Colour of Money by George Benson, via strange/beautiful, via Colt + Rane 

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I know I have been neglecting design a bit here lately… My excuse is that I’ve been working so hard on my own design projects that all I want to do is listen to good music to help me along my merry working way. Luckily with this song/video combo I’m hugging two birds with one hand. I made one of these with my dad when I was wee (a MUCH smaller version) and remember the marvel of watching it go. AMAZING! I can’t even imagine how many times they had to do this to get it right. Lots of smarts and patience would have been required…

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