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Unhappy Hipsters

You can come out when you can properly explain the differences between Modernist architecture and postmodern ornamentation.

(Dwell, February/March 2006)

She had this uncanny way of making him feel so, so small.

(Dwell, November 2006)

My friends are really hooking me up this week.  A great find sent in by my old & good university chum Sarah Kaye, Unhappy Hipsters is a laugh inducing take on the dark underbelly of the modern design world.  Shining a light on the down side of clean lines and sparse furnishings has never been so funny.   

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A graduate of the Carnegie Mellon University’s communication design program, Beverly Hsu has mixed her love of design in with her love of baking to create something new and delicious.  I will definitely start saving my pennies for the day these beauties become available to own.  Check out her other work by clicking here.  (Thanks to Rob for sending me this find!)

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My dear friends Crystal Przybille and Cassandra Savage made some great comments on my facebook page about the Dutch listening devices post I did last week. (see below)  I thought I’d share their exchange with you…

Crystal Przybille:  “It’s interesting how much these call to mind the traditional Dutch Bonnets…”

Cassandra Savage:  “Crystal, that’s amazing! Obviously the Dutch bonnet was in fact reconnaissance gear made to amplify whispered secrets! Hilarious.”

Crystal Przybille:  “Yes, probably crafted to hear the devil. I think they had other bonnets with rear-view mirrors so they could see if the devil was sneaking up on them. Seriously!”

The stylish art of Dutch devil self defence… amazing. Thanks girls!

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Every project, every idea, every dream, has to begin at the beginning.  Even if they are awkward and humbling first steps.  These acoustic listening devices developed for the Dutch army as part of air defense systems research between World Wars 1 and 2 are shining examples of this.  Don’t be afraid to get started on something new, because chances are you will never look as silly as these fellas and will more than likely enjoy better results.  

via: but does it float

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More borrowed wisdom from love your chaos.  Before the above happens to you, get out your sledge hammer (or ask Peter Gabriel for help)  and get to work knocking that sucker down.  

I can feel new market wisdom on the air, so I’m sure next week the original Super(S)mart will be back!

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{ Above 2 images by Norwegian writer and photographer Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson via her blog Inspirational Spaces }

With winter in full swing, spending more time indoors is just unavoidable.  I don’t really mind since it’s a good cover for getting cozy and catching up on reading and movie watching.  But boy how I wouldn’t mind it even more if my indoors looked anything like these dreamboat spaces I found on Emmas Designblogg.  

{ british photographer Richard Power }

{ Stylist Sibella Court.  Visit her website The Society Inc }

{ norwegian photographer Siren Lauvdal – check out her portfolio }

{ Above 2 images by stylist and art director Emma Thomas }

via: emmas designblogg

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Tuesday is the new Monday.  Just for this week, ok?  I meant to get this up yesterday…  My supersmart corner store has been using their sign power to support local events and hasn’t posted new wisdoms for a few weeks.  Hopefully they will get back to their regularly scheduled ‘inspirational’ programming soon.  (not that I’m not all about supporting local, but selfishly it messes with my posting schedule…)  So this week I’m borrowing an image I found on the really great ‘love your chaosblog.   I saved this weeks ago and forgot to save it’s link, so I’m hunting through the archives…  As soon as I find it I’ll post it up.

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Deer Owl,

Deer Owl,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love you.  The way your sketched black ink plays with your soft modern lines of color…it takes my breath away.

Your #1 fan,


This is the stunning work of Australian illustrator Kareena Zerefos.  Did I mention I love it?  Well I do, love it.  To see more of her work visit her site by clicking here.

{ these are especially sweet }

via a girl with curl’s

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