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Super(S)mart #15

supersmart-15-proofreadIt’s so easy, with all the smart gadgets we use to communicate with these days, to rely on them to keep us and our grammar in line.  But proofreading is still so important as sometimes without it the wrong word can be spelled right and go unnoticed until after the message has been sent…  Like when I meant to say, “big xx too” (meaning ‘big hugs too’) and it went out as ” big xx poo”.  Some good ol’ proofreading could have saved me there.  So do it, you won’t be sorry.

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HF toaster-poster

Once upon a 2008 in Estonia,  HandMadeFont was founded by Vladimir Loginov and Maksim Loginov.  Pretty genius.  And the way they present their work is fantastic.  Thanks to the Toaster font I have to go have breakfast now, so you just head on over to their website and check out what other yummy stuff they have to offer by clicking here.   Bon Appetite!

HF toaster-previewimages via HandMadeFont

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GE grain-edit-dave

If you are a P+M regular, you will know that I’m a huge fan of the work of this week’s ‘Meet the Maker’ subject, Dave Cuzner.  As the man behind the wheel of graphic wonderland grain edit, Dave finds and shares some of the kickin’est visuals going – and gone.  In their words they focus on, “classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period.” and in some other words, my favorite things.  So it is my great pleasure to offer up a tiny peek behind Dave’s curtain.

GE 1960's Japanese book cover designs1960’s Japanese book cover designs

GE cristina-couceiro-2GE cristina-couceiro-4Lisbon based designer Cristiana Couceiro’s modern collage work

1.  What is your favorite movie for visual/design amazing-ness?

Hmmm good question. I think that honor would goto Jean Luc Godard’s  1963 classic “le Memphris” (Contempt).  Godard + Bardot + Panavison + Raoul Coutard (Director of Photography) + the Casa Malaparte built by Adalberto Libera  = one amazing film.  

Umbrellas of Cherbourg by Jaques Demy might make the list as well. I love the opening shot of the film. As the camera looks down from above, people holding umbrellas walk beneath in various patterns.

2. What is your favorite music genre/band to work to right now?

I listen to a great deal of Jazz, Psych rock, MPB, and Bossa. Some of the names getting heavy rotation in my office are Bunalim, Baris Manco, Chrissy Zebby Tembo, Franko Xavier and Nathan Davis.

GE-music-1Listen to Bunalim here, Baris Manco here, & Chrissy Zebby Tembo here.

Listen to Franko Xavier here & Nathan Davis here.

3. It’s clear from all the hard work going into grain edit, that you love what you do.  What were the influences throughout your life that led you to create your current position,  Advocate of Graphic Goodness?  

I used to go on cross country road trips to hunt for rare records. Eventually I began to pick up items that were design related as well. I created grain edit as a way to share those finds and connect with others who shared that same passion for modern design.


Thanks so much for sharing with my readers Dave!  

There are some juicy tidbits in there my friends.  I highly recommend spending the time to watch and listen to his movie/music suggestions.  With extra attention paid to all the Baris Manco videos on YouTube.  Brilliant!   Also be sure to keep up with grain edit‘s shenanigans by subscribing to their RSS feed.  All the cool kids are doin’ it.

All images except the Band album covers from question #2 are via grain edit – both the blog & their flickr archives


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The Life Science Library is an amazing series for those interested in how/why stuff works and the infinite coolness of how 1963 explains it.  This one is on matter.  All sorts.  These are some of the pretty pictures.  For the how/why I’m afraid you’ll have to hunt it down yourself.  


The Gravity of a drink.




Matter’s well set table.

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heart to heart

girard heart

[photo of Alexander Girard’s heart at The Compound Restaurant via this lovely flickr set by Stewf]

On Wednesday afternoon my dad suffered a massive heart attack.  At 63 years young, we almost lost him.  All sorts of gods were working hard that day and he will live to continue to fill our lives and this world with his goodness.  Not to mention his kick ass music.  I heart my dad’s heart, all those gorgeous and skilled people who worked hands on to save it, and those who did their part by sending their love.  THANK YOU! 

And my apologies, but once again posts will be put off.  Hopefully I’ll be back in time to hit the reset button for next week.  

And please hug those you love extra hard today. Each day really is an amazing gift, as are the people you choose to fill them with.  

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Camper Bike

camper bike2

This is just plain sweet.  In 2008 Brooklyn artist/illustrator Kevin Cyr created this one person camper bike that is not only the ideal recreational vehicle for all the eco-conscious lone wolfs out there, but has also become the subject of some of Cyr’s amazing and hyper realistic paintings.  To check out more of his great work visit his website by clicking here.

camper bike1camper bike3camper bike4

via Nate at Designboom

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Super(S)mart #014

superSmart-014-lotteryIt’s true.  Someone does.  And that someone had to believe there was a chance in order to buy a ticket.  So again, as most things do, it gets down to George Michael.  You gotta have faith.  Whatever kind you choose will do.  No matter how big your idea or dream, there is a definite chance you can achieve it if you believe it’s possible and you remember to buy a ticket.

* I’m finding it even harder to get back up on the blog schedule horse than I thought.  A month of vacation-like work will do that I guess!  So this week I will try yet again to get ’em up daily.  I will also be carrying over Australia posts into this week ’cause I have so much still to share!  Be back soon…

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