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This is what’s playing in the office today. The Avett Brothers. Good stuff.

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Hi friends,

I’ve finally accepted that I’m an ‘ebb ‘n flow’ kind of blogger.   With a little more emphasis on the ebb …  But I have to tell you that while I was busy not writing, I was visiting/exploring two of my favorite places in the world, Burlington, VT + New York City.  !!!   My heart is at home in both places and getting to spend time with those so darling and dear to me there is like Christmas, or better yet, cookie dough.  (Chocolate chip of course)   Thank you to my East coast family for always making me feel so at home.  And to my gorgeous new friends!  I am filled to the brim with love & luckiness.

xo paige

{ left to right: CB, Katie, me, longtime friend and fellow designer, Jed }

* Us trying to throw out some NYC tude.  The best part is that CB, who is the only one actually from NYC, is smiling…  : )

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This concert poster by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes is exactly the kind of smart pants thinking that I love.  Nesty, thoughtful, and sweet.  Pick up a copy here.

via grain edit

** Reminder!  This is your last day to make a donation to the I Love Liam fund and get entered to win all the amazing prizes up for give away.  See the post below for instructions.

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{what a FACE! I want to bite that cheek just a little…}

The lovely Lynn Russell of Satsuma Press and her husband are having a fundraiser for their son Liam who just turned 6 ( has two loose teeth- wahoo!) and a big challenge – a rare neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2.  The Russell’s are trying to raise enough money to make their bathroom fully accessible for Liam this summer.  And I want you to help!  I, along with lots of other maker folks, have donated prizes for their fundraiser.  Make a donation (see following flyer for details) by going to www.weloveliam.blogspot.com and be entered to win one or more of the awesome line up of goods.  Why?  Because We Heart Liam!  (and not just because Liam and I share the same last name…)

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(from the Carol Burnett Show)

They just don’t make ’em like they used to. Tim Conway is genius, but I think Harvey Korman had the harder job…

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