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rollingerThis poster by Norway’s Darling Clementine for a concert series in Oslo called Blårollinger has the font with the funk.  Look at that letter E get on down with his bad self.  Darling Clementine’s pilots Ingrid Reithaug & Tonje Holand also have a line of stationary and bags that can be found at their shop.  Check it!

roll theclaudettesnotes2

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chris liveMy good friend Chris Varricchione, illustrator extraordinaire, has launched his long anticipated portfolio site.  He and his wife Cassandra have set up shop in lovely Somerville, MA where they will provide deeply awesome designs and solid service.  Chris has spent years doing illustrations and technical graphics for the likes of Burton Snowboards, Red Protection, Anon Optics, and most currently Soldier Design.  Cassandra honed her ‘taking care of business’ skills at JDK Design in Burlington, VT and Soldier Design in Boston.  If anyone is in need of their sweet brand of graphic greatness, I highly recommend that you click on over to their site tout suite!

chris{ Chris hard at work in the new digs }


{ client: Soldier Design }

chrissg_BLOG_lg{client: Soldier Design }

chrisSLEEPER{client: Burton Snowboards }

chrisWHALE{client: his sketchbook}

Go to www.cvillustration.com!


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Yes please.

cutecar1cutecar2cutecar3This tiny Italian electric car beast is definitely up there in the cute department.  Fresh, yet familiar, the Piaggio Ape (pronounced ah-peh) is unlike anything I’ve seen, but the wood panelling gives it just enough Muppet Movie Studebaker feel to seem like an old friend.  Love it.

Via: Lah Mode via: Just for Design

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font T-1




appy FONTastic Friday everyone! Today’s font special comes to you from illustrator and typographer Jessica Hische. She is busy creating one lovely capital letter a day for use by bloggers everywhere. Thanks Jessica!

font B-teal
font P-1
font G-1

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russian-posters-910russian-posters-5{ posters via Grain Edit }

Grain Edit’s post today on vintage Russian posters + my Super(S)mart post on time yesterday = a need for me to take a look at vintage Soviet/Russian watches.  I love watches.  I don’t wear one, but I love the tiny mechanics and magic of movement.  And they can just be so damn sexy.  The following are my faves from cool Russian timepiece reference website Russian Times.

russia 3poljot10a
russia 7russia 8
russia 10 slava12brussia 11 sturmanskie15

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Super(S)mart #17


This week’s supersmart quote is from my local Siesta Inn.  I’m thinking that time is a funny beast.  We’ve created such a finite structure of it; 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, etc.   And we set ourselves up to live within that structure; 8 hour work days, 1/2 hour tv shows, etc.  Yet, we still FEEL time.  It feels fast, it feels slow, it feels like it’s standing still.  And we either run out of it, lose track of it, or look for ways to kill it.  (can you imagine?!)  Poor time.  I guess WE’RE the funny ones…

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Now that I’m back to blogging again, I can’t seem to stop…   And really, who doesn’t need a bit of this in their day.  Hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for more super(S)martness.  

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Perfect Brief

jagger-480x608via: digital popcorn,  via: Swiss Miss

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sub{ Subelek/Heavy }

It’s Fontastic Friday everyone!  My favorite day of the blog week.  Today I’m going to share with you two cool fonts from Montreal based design studio, Subtitude.  Check out their website to see what other good goodies they offer.   

sub sign{ Subikto One / Regular }

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Stig Lindberg

{ Stig Lindberg illustration for Lennart Hellsing’s children’s book Daniel Doppsko (1959) }

Ok.  I fell off the blog wagon,  dropped the blog ball, etc.  And now it’s time to get back up on the horse.   It’s amazing how easily it can happen. One minute I’m up at 2 am typing/sharing away.  The next I’m sleeping like that’s ok to do.  No more!  I am back and ready to borage you with oodles of lovely.    

I’m going to start back in with one of the most delightful book illustrations I’ve ever seen.  I’m all about the sea right now (which is funny, since I’m currently land-locked) but if I could just get a wall size version of this bad boy, I’d be smelling salt in the air for sure.

via: Martin Klasch

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