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Love this print by Portland, Oregon based duo Jolby (Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols).  I’m feeling a pull towards the sea today…

Unfortunately the first print is sold out from their etsy shop, but they have plenty of other beauties to oogle at.  (like the above ‘Traditions’)

Also check out grain edit‘s post on their handiwork here.

And if you haven’t had enough of the sea, have a peak at my all time favorite sea illustration here.

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Wow wow wow!  These amazing illustrated covers for Weekend Knack magazine by Belgian based design firm KHUAN + KTRON are worth getting lost in.  Forget your map, just let your eyes wander around until they discover their favorite spot.  This morning mine chose the drippy little Alps in the above cover!   via grain edit

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Here we are at Friday already! Exciting plans for the weekend? I will be working, but as always, dancing along way. I’m going to finish up my lazy design, music appreciation week(s) with these gorgeous graphics from the 1,700 tape box collection of W. Eugene Smith, prolific American photographer who documented the New York Jazz scene from 1957 – 1965 in his tiny loft. See you on Monday!

via grain edit

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The little birdhouse I made in my soul back in 1990 at the insistence of ‘They Might Be Giants’ would be proud to host these sweet Soul Birds by half Finnish / half British illustrator and print maker Sanna Annuukka.  Decorate your own birdhouse by clicking here.  

Also check out her work for the band Keane and housewares masters Marimekko. Gorgeous!

{ Keane album cover and poster }

{  Sanna + Marimekko = marvelousness }

via grain edit + sanna annukka

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rollingerThis poster by Norway’s Darling Clementine for a concert series in Oslo called Blårollinger has the font with the funk.  Look at that letter E get on down with his bad self.  Darling Clementine’s pilots Ingrid Reithaug & Tonje Holand also have a line of stationary and bags that can be found at their shop.  Check it!

roll theclaudettesnotes2

via: grain edit

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russian-posters-910russian-posters-5{ posters via Grain Edit }

Grain Edit’s post today on vintage Russian posters + my Super(S)mart post on time yesterday = a need for me to take a look at vintage Soviet/Russian watches.  I love watches.  I don’t wear one, but I love the tiny mechanics and magic of movement.  And they can just be so damn sexy.  The following are my faves from cool Russian timepiece reference website Russian Times.

russia 3poljot10a
russia 7russia 8
russia 10 slava12brussia 11 sturmanskie15

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GE grain-edit-dave

If you are a P+M regular, you will know that I’m a huge fan of the work of this week’s ‘Meet the Maker’ subject, Dave Cuzner.  As the man behind the wheel of graphic wonderland grain edit, Dave finds and shares some of the kickin’est visuals going – and gone.  In their words they focus on, “classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period.” and in some other words, my favorite things.  So it is my great pleasure to offer up a tiny peek behind Dave’s curtain.

GE 1960's Japanese book cover designs1960’s Japanese book cover designs

GE cristina-couceiro-2GE cristina-couceiro-4Lisbon based designer Cristiana Couceiro’s modern collage work

1.  What is your favorite movie for visual/design amazing-ness?

Hmmm good question. I think that honor would goto Jean Luc Godard’s  1963 classic “le Memphris” (Contempt).  Godard + Bardot + Panavison + Raoul Coutard (Director of Photography) + the Casa Malaparte built by Adalberto Libera  = one amazing film.  

Umbrellas of Cherbourg by Jaques Demy might make the list as well. I love the opening shot of the film. As the camera looks down from above, people holding umbrellas walk beneath in various patterns.

2. What is your favorite music genre/band to work to right now?

I listen to a great deal of Jazz, Psych rock, MPB, and Bossa. Some of the names getting heavy rotation in my office are Bunalim, Baris Manco, Chrissy Zebby Tembo, Franko Xavier and Nathan Davis.

GE-music-1Listen to Bunalim here, Baris Manco here, & Chrissy Zebby Tembo here.

Listen to Franko Xavier here & Nathan Davis here.

3. It’s clear from all the hard work going into grain edit, that you love what you do.  What were the influences throughout your life that led you to create your current position,  Advocate of Graphic Goodness?  

I used to go on cross country road trips to hunt for rare records. Eventually I began to pick up items that were design related as well. I created grain edit as a way to share those finds and connect with others who shared that same passion for modern design.


Thanks so much for sharing with my readers Dave!  

There are some juicy tidbits in there my friends.  I highly recommend spending the time to watch and listen to his movie/music suggestions.  With extra attention paid to all the Baris Manco videos on YouTube.  Brilliant!   Also be sure to keep up with grain edit‘s shenanigans by subscribing to their RSS feed.  All the cool kids are doin’ it.

All images except the Band album covers from question #2 are via grain edit – both the blog & their flickr archives


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Happy Wednesday!  Today, I am in a rush to get up to my studio and am therefore going to lean on my favorite go-to graphic gurus, grain edit, for the book pic of the week.  Second Homes For Leisure Living presented by the Douglas Fir Plywood Association is a booklet that I sadly don’t own and deeply covet.  It is going to get added to my hunter’s list for sure.  Just as many details from these awesome Mid Century (re)treats are going on my dream house list (like the deer for instance…).     


I’m afraid I have to be super lazy today and just post pictures.  (This will not become a habit I promise!) For all the publisher, architect, & illustrator info, please head over to grain edit’s post.  While you’re there look around awhile.  I guarantee you’ll like what you see!  Dave Cuzner runs a tight ship loaded up with oodles of loveliness.  (He is going to be sharing a bit of himself with us soon for my ‘Meet the Maker’ interview series. Can’t wait!) 


via grain edit

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Once again, design blog extraordinaire Grain Edit is my go to source for font goodness. Today they featured a neat-o UK font website called HypeForType that has lots of chunky lettering and sweet san sarifs.  I have to admit I’m not even sure why I love fonts so much.  I’m not a graphic designer and never really use them, I just love words and seeing them all dressed up in different font outfits makes me happy!  

And HypeForType provided even more happiness for me this morning, as like with most font websites, they have a typesetting box for each font which allows you to see each font in your own words, aka, a little window where you can type in whatever you want and it shows up in the selected lettering.  My favorite was the Lukano font.  Created by Australian designer Luke Lucas, this play on a childhood favorite, Meccano building sets, is all about ‘connection’ and really isn’t that what using your words is all about?  

font lukanovia: grain edit

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I love all four of these 60’s fonts, but am just sharing my favorite.  I would definitely walk like an Egyptian if I was guaranteed to look this cool!


via: grain edit

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