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Happy Fontastic Friday everyone!  What an excellent way to help us get to know our fonts, non?  Manifested by San Francisco based art director Tor, this great visual representation of the marriage between design and pop culture makes me dream of my favorite mustachio-ed men… (which I never mind doing)

Let’s see, I think my long time love Tom Selleck (aka Magnum, P.I.) is a classic Chevon and can’t be represented with any of the above brackets, but a young and super dreamy Sam Elliot is definitely rocking the Mr. Century Ultra.  And as much as I don’t really love being on the receiving ‘smooch’ end of a big ol’ mustache, I do appreciate the man-ness of them and wouldn’t kick either of these fellas off ma’ lips that’s for sure.

For more Tom Selleck magic be sure to check out this goodness here.

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All affection words I can think of to describe how much I love this absurd & magical website just seem weak.   Maybe in French…  Je l’adore.  There, that’s close.  I have loved Magnum P.I. with steadfast devotion since his Hawaiian days right up to his cradle robbing antics on Friends.  I don’t know what it is about him… maybe the cheekiness?  Or the chest hair?  Most definitely the moustache.  When I was 18 I worked at a flower shop in Vancouver and Tom (we’re on a first name basis in my mind) was filming a movie there and his trailer was right outside the shop window.  At the end of the day I wrapped up a little sunflower and set out to find him.  I got as far as his personal assistant who promised that she would deliver my love.  Sigh.

I don’t know if whoever is behind this tribute means it as idol worship or as a highlight of cheese, but regardless, they get a big high five from me.  This is so much cooler than a flower. 

To bask in more of his moustache light, click here.

Thanks Rob!  You’re right,” there is much funny here”…

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