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Why no one thought of this sooner is a big mystery to me, but I’m so glad that South Korean designer Eungi Kim ponied on up!

A shortlisted entry in the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010, organized by Designboom and the Seoul Design Foundation, Horsey is an after market attachment that is supposed to fit on any bike. The idea may not be overly practical, but that wouldn’t keep me from getting all giddied up and pedaling off into the sunset.

This gets 3 our of 4 high fives from me!

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This German design duo has me singing their praises today!  After posting about their Clip Chair this morning, I came across another delicious project of theirs on Designboom.  It is going to be part of Designboom’s ‘Kitchen Ecology‘ Exhibition at Dwell on Design‘s three day event happening in Los Angeles in June.  It’s not clear to me how it works (hand crank hiding on the other side?), but I trust that it does, and regardless, I just love the idea. The super basic design is very friendly and effective. 

via: Designboom  

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