This is one sexy abode.  And I think it’s a perfect post with which to kick off my new category entitled, “Gimme”.  This heading will go before things/places that I reeeeally want (like, a lot):  to have, live in, taste, pet, horde, or experience.  Things that, upon seeing them, fill me with a strong desire to own ’em.  Very materialistic of me I know (though, note that I included ‘experience’ in my list above.  Sometimes I just want to feel the weight of something in my hand or know what it smells like…) but I became a product designer for a reason;  I love things.  Good things.  Well designed things.  Things that are the representation of smart & thoughtful, well crafted ideas.   And this particular category is for the things that I would want to have and share space with.

Things that I appreciate and admire, but maybe wouldn’t offer up shelf space to, will just get another heading that’s all.  So let’s get back to my morning ‘gimme!’ designed by Maxwan Architects

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STUDIO NEWS!:  I just received my beautiful matte copies of UPPERCASE Magazine #6 where on the upper right hand corner of page 9, my Wild Life Camper sits proudly.   Canadian creator/publisher/editor Janine Vangool has put together another juicy collection of talent and inspiration.  I’m so happy to be included in this issue’s wandering wonder.

If you are lucky enough to be in San Francisco this week, stop by The Curiosity Shoppe and meet the team behind the UPPERCASE magic!

Super(S)mart #22

If you’re having trouble finding a smile, can’t remember which drawer you put them in, just watch the video below and it will help you track one down.

This couple walked into the Mayo clinic for their check-ups and worked this bit of smile magic. They’ve been married for 62 years and he’ll be turning 90 this year. AND they’re still smiling… (I especially love how he keeps patting her bum when they switch sides) Thanks for this one Dayna!

Audio Journal: Bahamas

This is a kickin’ little song. And as my friend Conner posted re: it’s sweetness, “this guitar has the sound”. I conquer concur.

Super(S)mart #21

A big welcome back to Super(S)mart!  I’ve been waiting for weeks now to see the sayings come back to the corner store and last week they delivered!  This one makes me want to watch The Karate Kid and Empire Strikes Back to brush up on my discipline skills…

Design : Ryuji Nakamura Architects, charge/Ryuji Nakamura, Makiko Wakaki
Photo : Ryuji Nakamura Architects

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Wow wow wow!  These amazing illustrated covers for Weekend Knack magazine by Belgian based design firm KHUAN + KTRON are worth getting lost in.  Forget your map, just let your eyes wander around until they discover their favorite spot.  This morning mine chose the drippy little Alps in the above cover!   via grain edit