Audio Journal: Bahamas

This is a kickin’ little song. And as my friend Conner posted re: it’s sweetness, “this guitar has the sound”. I conquer concur.

Super(S)mart #21

A big welcome back to Super(S)mart!  I’ve been waiting for weeks now to see the sayings come back to the corner store and last week they delivered!  This one makes me want to watch The Karate Kid and Empire Strikes Back to brush up on my discipline skills…

Design : Ryuji Nakamura Architects, charge/Ryuji Nakamura, Makiko Wakaki
Photo : Ryuji Nakamura Architects

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Wow wow wow!  These amazing illustrated covers for Weekend Knack magazine by Belgian based design firm KHUAN + KTRON are worth getting lost in.  Forget your map, just let your eyes wander around until they discover their favorite spot.  This morning mine chose the drippy little Alps in the above cover!   via grain edit

German designer Stefan Diez has created new beauty.  An elegant yet sturdy modern interpretation of a mid-century classic furniture staple.  I love!

Check out his website for construction info and pictures.  Inspired by a technique used in aeroplane model making, two-dimensional plywood slabs are stretched by hand around a complexly milled solid wood ring to form the back and another to form part of the seat. No nails or screws are used to hold the chairs together rather the 2D slabs are glued to the base to stay in position, producing the shape of the chairs.

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Matthias Heiderich

Berlin was already on my list of places to visit, but now, after seeing these photos of German photographer Matthias Heiderich‘s Berlin, I’m moving it up a few spots…

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I’m going to forward this to my town’s mayor to see what she can do about making my mornings more like this!

(thanks Nadia!)

Pour les Alpes

These gorgeous pieces are from the Collection Crystal (2010) by Pour les Alpes. Pour les Alpes’ is a Swiss label based in Zurich and was founded by the two designers Tina Stieger (*1978) and Annina Gähwiler (*1981) in 2008.
I love it when old production techniques are paired so successfully with new trends. The facet is welcome to take over the world as far as I’m concerned. Especially when softened up so nicely by nature’s green beauties!

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This is what’s playing in the office today. The Avett Brothers. Good stuff.

Hi friends,

I’ve finally accepted that I’m an ‘ebb ‘n flow’ kind of blogger.   With a little more emphasis on the ebb …  But I have to tell you that while I was busy not writing, I was visiting/exploring two of my favorite places in the world, Burlington, VT + New York City.  !!!   My heart is at home in both places and getting to spend time with those so darling and dear to me there is like Christmas, or better yet, cookie dough.  (Chocolate chip of course)   Thank you to my East coast family for always making me feel so at home.  And to my gorgeous new friends!  I am filled to the brim with love & luckiness.

xo paige

{ left to right: CB, Katie, me, longtime friend and fellow designer, Jed }

* Us trying to throw out some NYC tude.  The best part is that CB, who is the only one actually from NYC, is smiling…  : )